Thinking about the inevitability of one's death is subject that few like to consider. For many, actually moving ahead with the pre-planning or pre-paying for their funeral is even more difficult to act on.


When one begins to understand the financial and emotional pressure that a funeral can thrust on our loved ones, it becomes clear that planning in advance is a wonderful gift to your family.


Similar to the protection that life insurance provides for loved ones, planning a funeral in advance can protect loved ones from financial concerns by freezing the price of the service. You have always been there to protect them throughout your life, why not after your death?


With the large number of options available to individuals today, it is important to speak with someone you can trust. We can guide you through the planning and help you determine the arrangements that best suite your needs. We will help you find a balance between the emotional, spiritual and financial needs of your surviving loved ones after you have gone.


We do not pressure anyone in making their decisions.  We simple explain the options available and let you make the decision that is right for you and your family.


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